Phyllis Karasov advises businesses on labor and employment matters and has substantial experience drafting, interpreting and enforcing noncompetition agreements, confidentiality agreements ‎and separation agreements. Her clients come from a variety of sectors, including healthcare, construction, manufacturing, education and nonprofits. Phyllis also provides counsel in all areas of human resources, including hiring, handbooks, regulatory compliance, discrimination, sexual harassment, discipline and termination, Americans with Disabilities Act, OSHA rules and the Family and Medical Leave Act. Phyllis is licensed to practice in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. Phyllis is also a regular contributor to Larkin Hoffman’s Employment and Labor Law Blog.

Can a noncompete be enforced in Wisconsin?

Employers often require employees to sign agreements which include restrictive covenants.  “Restrictive covenants” include noncompete agreements, non-solicitation restrictions (prohibiting solicitation of customers and/or employees), and confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements. These agreements can be important to protect the employer from the employee working for a competitor, or disrupting customer relationships, after the employer has invested in… Continue Reading Can a noncompete be enforced in Wisconsin?