Cyber insurance

The use of technology is unavoidable in today’s world. We must educate ourselves on the inherent risks and exposures, take steps and seek advice on how best to protect ourselves from loss of information and how to protect ourselves from the financial impact of a cyber event. Cyber insurance has continued to evolve as legislation… Continue Reading Cyber insurance

Maximizing your team-building activities

Stronger teams produce stronger results. High levels of team cooperation and amity can lead to higher levels of productivity and ROI. Pick the activity that works best for your team. Select an activity that your team will find fun and engaging. It’s hard to get people motivated through “forced fun.” Communication is everything. Team building… Continue Reading Maximizing your team-building activities

May is Disability Awareness Month

In the event of an unforeseen accident or illness, disability insurance may be a good way to protect your income and savings. Don’t think you need disability coverage? Think again. Many of us draft a will, create an estate strategy and purchase life insurance. But few of us consider disability insurance – the coverage that can… Continue Reading May is Disability Awareness Month

Collaborating with dental staff to improve patient safety, adherence and satisfaction

Dental staff members play an essential role in patient safety as well as patient satisfaction as they interact with patients every day. However, they can also be part of interactions that may result in errors, misunderstandings and dissatisfaction. To minimize these unfortunate situations, dentists need to collaborate with dental staff and provide them with assistance,… Continue Reading Collaborating with dental staff to improve patient safety, adherence and satisfaction