Identifying and preventing workplace harassment

If employees believe harassment will go unnoticed, they are less likely to report it, spelling disaster in the form of loss of employee morale and productivity. Training employees on what harassment looks like is a good first step, but employers must do more to prevent and investigate harassment in the workplace. Use this guide to… Continue Reading Identifying and preventing workplace harassment

Maximizing your team-building activities

Stronger teams produce stronger results. High levels of team cooperation and amity can lead to higher levels of productivity and ROI. Pick the activity that works best for your team. Select an activity that your team will find fun and engaging. It’s hard to get people motivated through “forced fun.” Communication is everything. Team building… Continue Reading Maximizing your team-building activities

How to make good use of your employee handbook

Employee handbooks are a nifty communication and reference tool for the workplace, but only if they’re used and not collecting dust on some physical (or digital) shelf. A handbook is only as good as what it does. At the minimum, it should do the following: Introduce employees to the fundamentals of your organization’s culture—the beliefs… Continue Reading How to make good use of your employee handbook