WDA Foundation here to help local oral health programs

The Wisconsin Dental Association Foundation advances its mission of improving the oral health and overall well-being of Wisconsin residents through a variety of programs, such as Donated Dental Services and Mission of Mercy. To expand that footprint of support throughout the state, your foundation also provides an average of $45,000 in financial grants to qualifying… Continue Reading WDA Foundation here to help local oral health programs

IRS natural disaster preparation tips

With severe weather season upon us, the Internal Revenue Service is offering advice to help everyone minimize storm and natural disaster impact. Businesses are encouraged to follow these tips in preparing for such events: Use electronic records. Businesses may have access to bank and other financial statements online. If so, your statements are already securely stored there.… Continue Reading IRS natural disaster preparation tips

Checklist: Documentation essentials

Documentation in patient health records and other clinical systems fulfills many purposes. It records and memorializes patient care, facilitates communication among caregivers, forms the basis for coding and billing, provides data pertinent to quality improvement and may provide information that is critical to the defense of a legal action. Physicians, dentists and other health care… Continue Reading Checklist: Documentation essentials

Smells phishy to me…

Few things are more frustrating to me as a WDA officer, and especially as your editor, than hearing a member say “When did that happen?” or “I didn’t know anything about that!”. The WDA communications team makes a tremendous effort to keep our members updated on association activities and advocacy efforts often and in a… Continue Reading Smells phishy to me…