Mr. Nieto is President of Best Card, the Wisconsin Dental Association-endorsed credit card processing solution. WDA members can submit a recent credit card processing statement to get a free analysis from Best Card on how much they might be able to save by switching to the platform by fax at 1-866-717-7247 or email to [email protected] For more information, call Best Card at 1-877-739-3952.

Surcharging credit cards: Legal, risky, complicated

Surcharging credit cards…and calling it a “cash discount fee.” Good idea or bad idea? Is it Legal?  Best Card is the endorsed credit card processor of the ADA Member Advantage program and 40+ state dental associations (including WDA), through which we serve thousands of dental practices across the country. We’ve recently fielded a number of… Continue Reading Surcharging credit cards: Legal, risky, complicated

Going contactless for payments

As dental offices adjust to COVID-19 realities, one area to minimize physical contact with patients is in the payment process. Use what you have Did you know that most credit card terminals that accept EMV chip cards also accept Contactless payments? Contactless cards and smartphone digital wallets (ie., ApplePay) are an option that most practices… Continue Reading Going contactless for payments